Previous Courses

Previous Courses

Hide camp Devon 2018

Hide camp Wales 2018

A week of drizzle and cloud- but 9 soft buckskins!


Hide camp May 2017- Dartmoor, Willingstone Farm
7 day hide camp- bark tan rabbit skins, bark tan fish skins and then 4 day buckskin making. Bright sun and LOTS of tanning!

Hide camp June 2017- Wales

4 day buckskin making class taking place in the neolithic settlement of Old Chapel Farm
Big red deer hides, stunning mid summer weather and beautiful location

Honouring the deer- 1st-3rd April 2016
Butchering and then using every part of a deer- meat, hide, sinews, bones, antler, tanning organs, eating organs, working with hoof etc.


21st-28th May 2015- 7 day hide camp
Buckskin making class, and rabbit skin bark tanning.

IMG_20170524_161531.jpg IMG_20170524_205820


Fire days 2016 and 2017-
Day long courses in fire by friction