Leather Tanning Courses

Leather Tanning Courses


Hide Tanning Camps 2019

Bark tanning rabbit furs and fish skins weekend

Dartmoor, Devon 17 – 19th May

Mid Wales 12 – 14th July

4 Day Buckskin deer skin tanning

Dartmoor, Devon 13 – 17th May (2 PLACES LEFT)

Mid Wales 14 – 18th July

The camps are in two continuous sections so you can come for one, or both of them.

Bark tanning fish and rabbit skin weekend- £170 (arrive 4pm Friday, leave 4pm Sunday)
Brain tanned deer skin – buckskin £300 (arrive 4pm day 1, leave 4pm day 5)
£470 For the full 6 days
We have a limited number of concessionary places reserved for people on low incomes so get in touch if this applies to you.


Bark Tanning Rabbit Fur and Fish skins- 2 days weekend

Using the tannin found in tree bark we’ll tan fish and rabbit skins.
Rabbits on Saturday and fish on Sunday.

Learn about the tanning process and softening with oils.
Then take home a soft rabbit fur and a strong bark tanned fish skin.

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Brain Tanned Deerskin – Buckskin – 4 days

Starting with a raw deer hide and finishing with a soft, brain tanned buckskin.

This course is a practical, hands on experience of how to create a soft, wearable, durable and beautiful buckskin using traditional and ancient methods.

Each step will be taught in detail so that you can take this skill home with you. Focus will be on finishing one buckskin each and learning the process.
Hide tanning is a physical activity and to make your skin soft will require hard work and perseverance.

The harder you work, the more rewarding the process and the softer the leather becomes

You don’t need to be extremely fit or have lots of physical strength but you do need to be ready to work hard and give the hide all of your energy.

After 4 days everybody should take home their own brain tanned deer skin.

Camp life…

Participants can make camp in the woods and meadow.
Bring a tent or tarp, or contact us if you want to book alternative shelter, there are a few options.
As with all primitive skills – it takes a village, and a village we will be!
Sun will rise and moon will set and the fire will smoulder and we’ll cook together.
Please bring your songs, please bring yourselves. Be ready to soak in community and to wake up on what the earth wants to offer us day by day.
…do your best to leave technology and screens behind.

The course provides two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. food is organic, local and paleo where possible. Materials are included.



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The Schedule… (applying to both camps)

Bark tan weekend

Friday 4pm Arrival – Tanning introduction around the fire

Saturday – Bark tanning fish and rabbit skins

Sunday- Bark tanning. camp finishes at 4pm

Brain tan deerskin buckskin

Day 1: 4pm Arrival –  Tanning introduction around the fire

The next 3 days we will be tanning Deer skins.

Day 5 – Complete Deerskin, this part of camp finishes when your hide is fully smoked! We’ll support you as much as possible to be finished by 4pm but in previous years people have been known to be smoking hides late into the night.



Mid Wales

Our camp will be in a recreated neolithic settlement, thatched huts, with views across Mid Wales’ rolling hills.

Near Llanidloes.

Dartmoor, Devon

Our camp will be nestled within and beside an ancient woodland in Dartmoor National Park. Granite and moss.

Near Moretonhampstead, North East Dartmoor.