About Us

We’re two friends who share a love for this planet.
We’ve been practicing primitive crafts for a number of years now.
Lovers of the wild, Jessie lives simply on Dartmoor and Jane in Mid Wales. 

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Jane Robertson

Testimonials for our hide camp-

Attended this incredible course last year. The venue was stunning and I felt so immersed in nature. The tutors managed the group needs with finesse, giving everyone the time and attention they needed. I was overwhelmed by the knowledge of our tutors and got more than my monies worth from them. Highly recommend this course regardless of level of experience. Even if you’ve tanned before there’s so much you can learn. So good I’m considering doing it again just for the sheer enjoyment of being around these talented and knowledgeable ladies.
 –Cat Anson

This course made my heart sing. I was wholeheartedly nourished by the joys of learning new crafts with wonderful people in a beautiful natural setting. And Jessie and Jane are wonderful company and guides.

 –Bruce Parry
I had no idea what to expect but the whole experience was mind changing. The tutoring in hide preparation was excellent, but the bonus was the introduction to a culture so removed the pressures of city life, away from the windows we look through every day, be it house windows or TV and computer screens. A true appreciation is gained of the work our ancestors had to do to turn hides into clothes.
 –Phil Joyce

The course was fantastic. I had very little experience in tanning , yet i was guided to make a stunning, soft buckskin that i love. There was so much detail explained to us and i learnt many new skills.
Since the course i’ve tanned 4 more skins and i plan to do more!


A highly recommended course. The course was delivered very professionally by two very knowledgeable and highly skilled tutors. The depth of their experience with tanning was evident by their ability to guide the whole group through all of the processes, from raw hides to a beautiful finished buckskin to take away. Their energetic and hands-on approach meant whatever concern or question you had was resolved quickly – it was an incredible learning process. The course was undertaken in a fantastic and authentic setting with the ability to camp or hammock in the trees! Camping so close to the hide working area meant the whole experience was immersive and holistic.
I can not praise the course enough and would recommend all leather workers, Forest School Leaders and bushcraft enthusiasts to undertake this course.
In their ability to transmit a subtlety and depth of technique whilst all the while feeling like nothing more formal than friends at common work in the woods, Jessie and Jane possess a rare mastery of the teacher’s art; enabling each their own discovery of the craft, never simply telling us what to do. However, more important even than the expert instruction, was the experience of camp life that was created and shared. This was not really a course, but rather a remedy for amnesia; a glimpse of who we were during the forgotten majority of our history, and who we could be again, if we are to do better by each other and by the earth.

-Sam Robinson