Upcoming Courses

Join us for our 2017 hide camp.

21st- 25th May- buckskin making intensive

26th- We have a deer! skinning, butchering and creative use of body parts for tools, tanning, experimental eating and more.
27th and 28th May- Bark tanned rabbit furs, sewing and tailoring

Starting with a raw deer hide and finishing with a soft, brain tanned buckskin.

This course is a practical, hands on experience of how to create a soft, wearable, durable and beautiful buckskin using traditional and ancient methods.

Each step will be taught in detail so that you can take this skill home with you. Focus will be on finishing one buckskin each and learning the process.
Hide tanning is a physical activity and to make your skin soft will require hard work, perseverance and strength of character.

The harder you work, the more rewarding the process and the softer the leather will become…

You do not need to be extremely fit or have lots of physical strength but you do need to be ready to work hard and give this hide all of your energy. Sweat blood and tears are part of the process, and are welcome in camp.

After 4 days everybody should take home their own brain tanned deer skin.

Our camp will take place in a gorgeous bluebell forest on dartmoor!

Participants can make camp in or on the edge of the woods.

Bring a tent or tarp, barn spaces are available for shelter if needed.

As with all primitive skills- it takes a village, and a village we will be!

Sun will rise and moon will set and the fire will smoulder and we will cook together.

Please bring your songs, please bring yourselves. Be ready to soak in community and to wake up on what the earth wants to offer us day by day.

Previous courses

9 day Hide camp 2016

We were blessed with bright sunshine and a blue forest floor with the blue bells in full bloom.

Everybody took away a soft completed buckskin after the 4 day intensive, and some stayed on to begin another.

We held a drop in space for people to bring their tanning projects along to us.
Big success. we will run at least one every year.

Honouring the Deer

People all over the world know very well how to use every single part of an animal and it’s something that we’ve lost touch with here in the west.
Animals kept our ancestors alive, and therefore, we exist.
It’s a humbling and powerful rediscovery to uncover how much an animal’s body can give us humans, when we take the time to creatively utilise every part.

Living on the earth- remembering the ways of our ancestors.
At Schumacher College, Dartington.
April 2016